Working with Poseidon is a chance to help bring some of the world's most cutting-edge music and visual experiences to life, in an unconventional company where we respect skill, determination, creativity and kindness above all, and consider most other work norms outdated or unnecessary.

We are adventurers on a sea of information, using analytics and constant experimentation to make data-driven choices. Working with us is a chance to be at the very edge of marketing technology and technique, helping improve people’s lives with art by constantly experimenting, imagining possibilities; even inventing tools that don’t exist yet.

  • 100% Remote

  • 100% Flexitime

  • A supportive work culture

  • Competitive package

  • Free Oculus Quest 2 (yes we use it for work as well as play!..)

  • Generous Holiday provisions

  • Ruth Stephenson

    Head of Customer Services

    “ I have greatly appreciated being part of a business that genuinely cares about the well-being of their staff as well as their customers. Poseidon takes seriously a commitment to impact our world in an uplifting and life enhancing way. ”

  • Lou

    Customer Service Specialist

    “ Poseidon is an amazing company to work for. They genuinely care about their employees and you immediately feel like part of the family. The culture and consistent drive to be exceptional are second-to-none. I am very proud to be part of the team. ”

  • Sofia Reino

    Geotargeting Specialist

    “ Poseidon is a company where I can express my thoughts and ideas and know I’m heard and respected; and where I can learn so much, growing while still having the flexibility to be a Mom. ”

Our Team

  • Jon Cotton

    CEO, CMO, Founder

  • Ben Niblett


  • Rebecca Gilbert

    General Manager

  • Howard Matthews

    Head of Visuals

  • Ruth Stephenson

    Head of Customer Services

  • Sofia Reino

    Geotargeting specialist

  • Pouya Zargar


  • Lou

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Simon

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Kara

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Tatiana Lamela Rabell

    Head of Project Management

  • Carmen Castello Branco

    Executive Assistant

  • Robert John

    Creative Director

  • Michael Morgan Bain

    Content Strategist

  • Marta Figueiredo

    Media Buyer

  • Rob Blakeney

    Head of Systems

  • Richard Loftus

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Kate Shifman

    Digital Marketing Supervisor

  • Sean Hunt

    Ticketing Coordinator

  • Chloé Baron

    Junior Systems Specialist

  • Ana Cadete Costa

    Media Strategist